Service Procedure/Effect Time Table

Effect Time


6 to 12 months


3 to 12 months




1 to 3 months


1 to 3 months


Procedure Time


3 to 8 hours


2 to 6 hours


1 to 3 hours


1 to 2 hours


1 to 2 hours










Hair Manicure


Keratin Treatment


*The perm effect depends on the type of your hair and how you take care of it, if you want to maintain the look, go back for another treatment when the curls start to straighten, which will happen eventually when your hair starts to grow out.


Never comb the curled parts of your hair. Before you go into the shower, try your best to detangle the curls first. Use hair products that will boost your curls and minimizes frizz (Best Recommended to Use our Teracota Essense). If within the day your curls need freshening, no need to apply hair products for a second time anymore (this will only weigh the curls down), just twist sections of your hair with your fingers. Remember the direction of your curls. When you twist it in your fingers, the direction must always be the same as it was when you came out of the salon. Otherwise, the curls won’t come out as good. Twist your hair into a towel instead of rubbing it to dry it off.


Tips for taking care of your Permed Hair.

You need to treat your hair with extra care after undergoing the hair rebonding procedure. Here is how you can take care of your hair after hair rebonding. Wash it after almost 2 Days. Conditioning your rebonded hair is a must. Use leave-in conditioners whenever you have to go outdoors. Do not hesitate or restrict using conditioners because you need to use these generously for a healthy hair after rebonding. Use Wide Teethed Comb. When combing your hair use a wide teethed comb and do not use brush as it might damage your hair. Avoid Tying your Hair. Do not tie your hair at least for the first month because it can result in damaging your hair to a great extent.


Tips for taking precautions of Rebonded Hair.

Hair Tips

Frequent Ask Questions

What is the difference of Black Class, L'oreal and T&J Perm/Rebond?

Black Class is our high end product that is used for any type of hair specially for totally damaged hair, L'oreal is used for damaged hair or already treated hair and T&J Perm/Rebond medicine is used for virgin hair or healthy hair or not treated hair.


What is the difference of Setting Perm and Digital Perm?

They are difference in size of curl Setting Perm is much larger/ bigger size of curl while the digital is smaller size of curl.


What is the difference of Cold and Hot Perm?

Cold Perm used regular curler and Hot Perm used curler machine .A normal perm or what others call “cold perm”, makes the wave most prominent when the hair is wet and loose when it is dry. Hot Perm makes the wave most prominent when the hair is dry, and loose when it is wet.

What is the treatment for dry hair?

Keratin treatment brings back the Keratin to your hear which is a natural protein that makes your hair healthy, it will repair the dryness and damaged of your hair.


What is Hair Manicure?

Hair manicure helps your hair to look healthier and shinier, and feels silkier than before. It also add slight hint of color coating that gives vibrant and lush by increasing the light refraction due to the color shine also coat your hair strand to avoid further damage and restrain hair medicine for long lasting effects.


What is upstyle service?

Upstyle is styling your hair for example attending wedding, graduation etc.


What is the Difference of Volume Rebond and Regular Rebond?

Volume rebond makes your hair straight and add volume on top end of your hair, Regular rebond makes your hair super straight.

What is the difference between Color Coco and L'oreal Color?

Color Coco is a product from Korea that is commonly applied for virgin/healthy hair, while l'oreal color is from paris that is suitable to colored/treated hair.


Do I need reservation in Weekends or can I go directly to your salon?

Much better to have reservation especially if you have your own hairstylist and/or weekends and holidays due to unexpected number of customers.

I have rebonded hair, can I still get a digital/setting perm?

Yes it is possible, but it remains on the discretion of your hair stylist if he/she thinks your hair can still stand another treatment.

I have rebonded hair, can I still get a digital/setting perm?

Yes it is possible to do hair color and rebonding/perm at the same time but it depends to your hair condition, let our hairstylist check your hair (hair checking is free of charge).

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As of now our branch only accepting cash payment. But you can pre-paid the service using our online shopping shop.bangs.com.ph

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