The new T&J Salon Professionals is guided by the concept of “SHARING”


Bangs Group of Companies recognizes Filipino assistants who not only performed well with their duties, but also excel in delivering services to the clients. As Bangs Group grows, the number of competitive Filipino Assistant increased, their skills improved that they can handle intricate and advance salon services guided by their mentors, the Professional Korean hairstylists. These Filipinos were screened under strict qualifications and are highly trained.


The notion of “SHARING” is what inspired the management to put up an internal formal course at the Head Office of Bangs Group in 2011 to further develop Filipino stylists. The products of these trainings were molded and prepared for another opportunity, the creation of community brand “T&J Salon Professionals”is to cater the potential market not served by the existing Bang Prime Salon, the other market seeking for quality and economical, in terms of price and salon service.


We found an opportunity from the Filipino staff and Bangs Group that help them realize their dream of becoming the front liners of the business, the Hairstylists.


The new concept is mandated to “Share” the expertise of the Korean Hairstylists to the Filipino Hairstylists and to broaden the company’s market share as a whole.


This simple fact created the company’s secondary mission:


“To share our expertise to the people who wants to have quality service with economical price  by Filipino Stylists”


Thus, T&J Salon Professionals was created.













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