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All your Questions answered in one place
How much is the franchise fee?
800,000php exclusive of VAT.
Is franchise fee refundable? What is condition for refund?
Yes. 70% of the Franchising Fee shall be returned to Franchisee in the event no acceptable site is found and approved by the parties within three (3) months from the date of the Franchise Agreement. Moreover, 50% of the Franchising Fee shall be returned to Franchisee if within 3 months the FRANCHISEE decided not to continue with the business venture in accordance with the Franchising Agreement.
What is the use of security deposit for franchising?
In case of the default in the payment of the Franchisee, the security deposit will be forfeited in favor of the Franchisor. The forfeiture of the security deposit does not mean that the default of the Franchisee in the payment, one of the grounds for termination of the contract, will be set aside.
What if security deposited will be used by unpaid balance; does franchisee replenish the security deposit again?
No, the security deposit is forfeited already. If the Franchisee wants to manage and/or run the operation again, Franchisee needs to pay again.
How much is my total investment?
Estimated 4 Million Pesos.
What is the initial investment schedule?
Follow the schedule chart.
How much is expected earnable amount per month?
Targeted 100,000php per month or more.
How long will it take for ROI?
Expected Within 3 years or earlier.
What is the pre termination causes? And what if franchisee decided to pre terminate the contract, what is procedures?
Please refer to the Default and Termination part of the contract. 30-day notice to the Franchisor, follow the guidelines as set in the Franchising Agreement.
What is the term of the contract? Is it renewable?
Initial term is 5 years. Yes, renewable for two (2) additional successive terms of five (5) years.
Can I make the contract term initially more than 5years?
No. it is always 5years. Franchisor wants to see the franchisee operation for evaluation.
After the maximum term of 15years contract, is it still renewable?
No. (conditional approved).
Is franchise unit can be sold?
Yes, subject to the Right of First Refusal clause in the contract, after approval new franchisee need to pay franchising fee good for 5years.
Is franchise unit can be sold?
Yes, subject to the Right of First Refusal clause in the contract, after approval new franchisee need to pay franchising fee good for 5years.
I do not have an idea to operate a salon, can I be a franchisee?
Yes, any person can be a franchisee since the Franchisor will be guiding you by providing operation manual.
Can I add other service aside from given menu from franchisor?
No. However, you can request from the Franchisor and upon verification if the same is possible, then Franchisor will consider adding other service.
You do assist a permit processing such as SEC, CITYHALL, BIR ETC?
Yes, we can help provided that you will pay the necessary fee or we can refer somebody who will assist you in processing the application with SEC, City Hall, BIR and etc.
How long will it take from start of contract signing to opening of franchise unit?
Within 6 months after signing of the contract.
What is the procedures, if I have a suggestions for operation?
There is a suggestion form in the Operations Manual. Upon submission of the suggestion form, the Franchisor will then evaluate the same and if the Franchisor deem it proper the Franchisor will implement the said procedure.
Changing the price of service allowed?
No. However, the Franchisee can submit a request for the change of price and the same shall be subject to approval of the Franchisor.
What is the ideal number of employees?
Each hairstylist- 2 interns, 2- buffer (spare) employee.
Can I alter the interior design base on my needs?
No. However, the Franchisee can request for the alteration or change in the design and the same shall be subject to the approval from the Franchisor.
What is the product lines that makes T&J Salon Professional Special?
T and J salon Professional carries own quality brand called "PRO PRODUCT LINE" which is manufactured in South Korea.
Create a quality service through best product and topnotch skill of hairstylist.
Most of gears are also imported as well to meet the standard of Korean concept salon.
Am I obliged to get all the equipment and supplies or can I get it from my own suppliers?
There is a list of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors authorized for the Franchised Unit and also approved inventory, products, fixtures, furniture, equipment, signs, stationery, supplies, and other items or services necessary to operate the Franchised Unit.
Can I relocate my franchise unit?
Yes. The request for relocation of the Franchised Unit shall be subject to approval of the Franchisor.
Do you provide education?
Yes. Please refer to the chart attached.
Do you provide an education to franchisee?
Yes, the owner is given the opportunity to enroll to Academy where he/she can learned to be a hairstylist or if she just wants to be familiarized with the operations procedure or customer handling, the same training is available for the franchisee.
When I hire my employees, will be train them? If yes, how long will training course take?
Yes, we will trained them. All employees shall undergo a training program/course for them to be certified to work in the franchised unit.
Does the training program provide all the training materials?
Yes. The Training fees indicated includes all the training materials needed. Except personal gears.
Is this education required to all? What if I will bring a real professional that suit to work right away?
Yes, the education is necessary. The training includes skills training and also operations training. Moreover, since Franchisor’s way of service is also different, there is a need for a training/education even if the employee hired is already a real professional.
Does franchisor supply for equipment and other tools?
What is the ideal size of franchise unit?
80-120 square meters
Who will handle the construction of franchise unit?
Optional, it can either be franchisor or franchisee’s choice. If it is the choice of the Franchisee, the person who will handle the construction should follow the architectural design as provided by the Franchisor. Moreover, the architectural plan/design shall be paid by the Franchisee.
Do you provide a space for my franchise unit?
No. You need to look for space, however Franchisor can give you support.
It is possible to have 2 or 3 franchise units?
Yes provided that the Franchisee qualifies and that based on the assessment of the Franchisor the Franchisee can handle 2 or more franchised units.
What is payment of royalty?
50,000 or 7% of the Gross Sales of the Branch for the said month, whichever is higher.
Is this franchise passive ownership program?
No, active ownership. However, passive ownership is subject to Franchisor’s approval.
What is preferred business type of franchisee?
Corporation. Sole proprietorship will have a hard time to transfer in case of buying and selling transaction of the franchise unit.
Who with going to help my franchise operation?
Area Managers who are designated to each area.
I currently own a salon, can I interchange the salon to your salon?
No, we do not allow conversion.
What are the possible support after starting of the business?
During opening area manager will be deployed to assist you in the operation of your Franchised Unit.