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Now with more that 20 branches

We are ready to shake up the local hair salon industry with YOU.



The notion of “Sharing” is what inspired the management to put up an internal formal course at the Head Office of Bangs Group in 2011 to further develop Filipino stylists. The products of these trainings were molded and prepared for another opportunity, the creation of community brand “T&J Salon Professionals” is to cater the potential market not served by the existing Bang Prime Salon, the other market seeking for quality and economical, in terms of price and salon service.


Simply put, hair salons fill a "need" not just a "want," which puts you miles ahead of so many other industries — from day one. Hair never stops growing and even in sluggish economies, when cars, electronics, and vacations get put on hold, haircuts do not.

As a franchise owner, you'll join a 110 million pesos industry with a distinct advantage over mom-and-pop shops that simply cannot operate with the same sophistication as a global industry leader. With skilled managers and stylists taking great care of clients, you'll be free to focus on growing your business, which benefits from:

  • Recession Resistance
  • Built-in Demand
  • Technology Resistance
  • Cash business
  • Simple and Easy Operations
  • Few Employees
  • Minimal Inventory or Receivables

Franchise Model

T&J Salons Professionals are designed to run predictably, professionally, and conveniently for both franchisees and their customers.

Customer Experience

It takes exceptional consistent service to keep clients coming back and making referrals. That's the secret of our success. We've developed a streamlined approach to delivering the professionalism at a fair price.

Business System

Realizing the full potential of this high demand, high repeat cash business takes a business model free of guesswork. Bangs Group owns and operates 51 salons itself, and has a vested interest in ensuring that franchisees succeed. Salon revenue streams are Salon Services and Hair Product.

Operations Setup

Because we operates under proven and efficient processes, allowing you to serve more customers per day. This standardization also makes training, quality assessment, and continuous improvement.

Role of a Franchisee

The first thing you should know about running a hair salon franchise is that you don't need to know anything about hair, the professional stylists will handle that. Your role is selecting/implementing marketing plans and building income by executing company strategies.

Support System

Bangs Group has one singular focus: to help franchisees continually improve quality and increase profitability.

Operational Support

To help franchisees continually improve quality and increase profitability. With 16 years of experience in salons, we know that a successful salon must pay constant attention.

Maintenace & Construction

We monitors all phases of the build process to keep everything running smoothly and handle construction-specific issues that may arise from construction or maintenance.

Training & Education

Our Academy provides training modules in business management, customer service, and hands-on training that keeps stylists at the forefront of hair trends and styling techniques.


The key to driving strong lifetime sales is a strong marketing plan that starts before a salon opens its doors. We assigned a dedicated Regional Marketing Manager who creates a unique strategy for each salon.

Product Sales

In the hair care industry, product sales can account for a significant portion of a salon's revenue. Franchisees benefit from a quality selection of products hand-picked for our target market.

Finance & Accounting

Helping franchisees set and meet financial goals. We assist owners throughout the life of their business with: QuickBooks, General ledger setup, Financial audits, Payroll, Bonus and incentive programs.

Franchise Process

Bangs Group offers a straightforward and streamlined path to ownership. Our team of franchise experts will guide you through:
  • 1
    Initial Inquiry
  • 2
    Prequalification Call
  • 3
    Confidential Questionnaire
  • 4
    Development Director Introduction
  • 5
    Franchise Discovery Process
  • 6
    Agreement Signing
  • 7
    Start of Construction
  • 8
    Franchisee Training

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